We all just clowning

With 2020 finally finally coming to a close, @TwitterPH has released their annual #ThisHappened wrap-up, a gathering of all the stats we’ve made while doom-scrolling.

One of the more notable achievements was SB19 taking the top spot as the most-tweeted hashtag and mentioned artist – no surprise there, TBH.

The infamous March Sam Morales thread also took the top spot as the most quoted tweet of 2020. Considering its gripping tale and timely release in the heat of ECQ, almost all of PH Twitter was abuzz (and fuming).



In an almost unexpected turn of events though, it seems that PH Twitter has been pretty happy this year, emoji-wise, that is.

The Face with Tears of Joy emoji (😂) apparently encapsulated our 2020 Twitter experience, and despite having a weird first impression – it’s an almost perfect reaction to all the BS that happened this year. Maybe we are just in a Jumanji game, who knows?

Not to mention the fact that the laughing emoji has been the world’s top used emoji since 2016, it’s almost a relief to see that we’re still laughing at this joke of a gap year.

Laugh the pain away

, <b> PH&#8217;s top emoji just proves 2020 is a big fat joke </b>