LOOK: PH’s newest international logo is the one SEA Games deserves

Gelo Lasin

If you’ve seen the Philippines’ official logo for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, then you’re well aware that it’s pretty much…well… shit.


Thankfully, the people that were responsible for that monstrosity weren’t the same squad behind the country’s newest international event, because damn, THIS logo is just pure fire.


The spanking new emblem was created for the 50th anniv of the Philippines and Singapore’s bilateral relations last January 14, 2019.

Aside from being simply gorgeous to look at, the design managed to brilliantly mesh notable themes from the two countries.

The creature of choice, for example, is a Griffin, a mythological beast which is a combo of an eagle and a lion – which, as you well know, areĀ iconic symbols of PH and Singapore respectively.

It is also bathed in gold to reference the golden anniversary of the relations. The wings, meanwhile, represent the flags of both nations.


The winning design belongs to 23-year-oldĀ freelance graphic artist, Renante Tatel Corporal, and was personally handpicked from 37 entries by both the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and Singaporean Embassy in Manila.