PH is world’s least safe country, says international study

Gelo Lasin

Well… this is interesting.

The Philippines finished dead last in the annual ‘World’s Safest Countries’ ranking by US-based magazine, Global Finance.

PH scored the lowest among 128 countries, joining Nigeria, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Yemen in the bottom 5.

Global Finance came up with the rankings by equally weighing and combining three factors: war and peace, personal security and natural disaster risk.

The mag cited Yemen and PH as an example for their rationale.

Yemen, which is currently undergoing a famine and civil war, is STILL considered safer than PH, since the Arab country has a ‘very low risk of natural disasters.’

PH, conversely, scored poorly in all categories of peace, security, and threats of natural disasters.

If the results weren’t controversial (and in IMO, a bit flawed) enough, nations such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan weren’t included in the list, since Global Finance didn’t have enough data¬†on these countries.

Unsurprisingly, 16 of the 20 safest countries are in Europe, all of which feature stable economies and world-class healthcare programs.

The only non-European countries in the top 20 are Singapore, Canada, Qatar, and New Zealand.

Global Finance is a monthly magazine which reports on the financial sector and whose audience¬†primarily¬†‘consists of Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and other financial officers.’

You can view the full list here.

What do you think? Do you agree with the results?

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