It’s about time

Following the acclaim of Thai Boys Love (BL) series 2Gether: The Series starring BrightWin, it’s PH’s (long-awaited) turn to show proper queer representation in media.

Acclaimed writer and poet Juan Miguel Severo is set to collab with ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You‘ director JP Habac to drop ‘Gaya sa Pelikula‘, a Filipino BL series set to star LGBT+ characters.


The idea was first introduced by Severo after he called out the lack of actual queer actors portraying queer characters on television, as ‘systemic homophobia’ still exists within the industry.

‘Since we started casting for ‘Gaya,’ I gained better understanding of why, despite good intentions, some productions resort to casting straight actors for gay parts,’ the writer had tweeted out.

‘Grabe, the paltry amount of experienced queer actors that went to audition was disappointing.’


He then listed down some reasons why LGBT+ actors aren’t pursuing LGBT+ roles, such as the fear of coming out and being typecast as the typical role of ‘gay best friend‘.

There’s no word yet on who’ll portray ‘Gaya sa Pelikula’s Karl and Vlad, but with Habac and Severo at the helm, we’ve got high hopes for the series.

Read the first few chapters of ‘Gaya sa Pelikula‘ here 

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