Taal victims aren’t monsters for leaving their pets behind

As there have been more reports coming in of the Taal Volcano aftermath, an influx of abandoned animals have also been found in cities near the calamity. It’s easy to judge their owners as heartless monsters in situations like these, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

The residents were the first ones to be evacuated, and the animals were next in line. But when rescuers were supposed to return, the escalation prevented them from doing soexplained NDRRMC spokesperson Mark Timbal.

Seeing beloved pets suffer is always an unfortunate sight – but given the magnitude of the disaster, what we shouldn’t do is shame people (who are also victims, FYI) for not being given a choice.

Locals residing at the foot of Taal Volcano went back to retrieve animals who survived the ashfall on Tuesday….

Posted by Philippine Star on Monday, January 13, 2020


People aren’t monsters for prioritizing their lives or those of their loved ones. And while it’s easy to shame those who have left their pets, we have to consider that most of them evacuated with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Of course, the best solution one could say is to be prepared, but freak calamities like the Taal eruption don’t just give its victims the time to be ready – especially when human lives are at stake.

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As a dog-owner myself, it would destroy me to leave my dog behind without a choice. But I know that shaming fellow dog-lovers does nothing when I could never imagine myself making the same decision.

Guilt is never the solution in topics like this. It’s already a sad situation for everyone, and we can all do without shaming victims who have already lost so much.

taal, <b> Taal victims aren&#8217;t monsters for leaving their pets behind </b>

To help animals affected by Taal Volcano, you can donate to paws.org 

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