Unpopular Opinion: Peter Kavinsky isn’t really THAT special

Gelo Lasin

Everyone is going gaga over Noah Centineo’s Peter Kavinksy – and it isn’t hard to see why.

peter kavinsky, Unpopular Opinion: Peter Kavinsky isn’t really THAT special

He’s a tall, darn good-looking dude with a soothing voice that distinctly reminds you of Mark Ruffalo’s. The guy’s a physical specimen.

He’s not lacking in the effort department either. He wrote sweet nothings to Lara Jean every day and even made the effort to drive across town to buy her favorite yogurt (shoutout to Yakult!)


But wait a sec

Didn’t Peter Kavinsky just do what anyone would – SHOULD – do to someone that they really like or are in a relationship with?

You know… treating her right and making her feel special?


Isn’t that, like, the bare minimum?


Peter didn’t exactly ‘raise’ anything.

Maybe it’s just that our standards have been set really, REALLY low – thanks to experiences in our previous/current relationships.



Or the reason could be something else

Maybe it’s because we’ve overlooked the impact of small efforts in pursuit of grander forms of gesture, without realizing that sometimes, it’s the little things that truly matter.


What do you think?

Is Peter Kavinsky really the man of our dreams? Or have we glorified sweet yet normal actions just because we don’t get to see them done as much as before?