People have mixed feelings on Liz Uy coming out as a single mother

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Liz Uy has finally brought the spotlight to her baby boy Xavi by revealing him to the pvblic last Friday.

Xavi ?

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The celebrity stylist says in an interview with Preview Magazine: “I don’t really think only of myself anymore. Every time I do anything, I think of Xavi first.”

One Twitter user pointed out how “brave” she was. “Liz Uy is my spirit animal. F*** them, we don’t need men.”

Others weren’t over the moon because speculations on Liz being tagged as a “homewrecker” surfaced. She reportedly had an affair with a married man named Raymond Racaza.

Liz has not spoken up against the allegations, but as they say, it takes two to tango, and others mention Uy isn’t the only one at fault here.

Some dug deeper into the life of Dr. Geraldine Zamora Racaza, the wife of alleged baby daddy Raymond:

There’s a Twitter thread on the supposed gist of the story:

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