This dude’s penis got stung by a stingray and we’re pretty HORRIFIED

Gelo Lasin

Bakit naman dun pa?

In one of the unluckiest moments in human history, an unnamed dude in China got his precious family jewels stung by a stingray.

The tourist was out taking a dip in one of South China’s beaches when the ray’s barbed tail managed to hook itself in the unlikeliest of places.

For perspective, here’s what a stingray’s stinger looks like.

The man’s understandable screams attracted fellow beachgoers and he was soon surrounded by police and firefighters who unfortunately had a hard time removing the barb due to a lack of proper equipment.

On the flip side, the poor guy was able to get immediately back up and walk after the incident, and it didn’t seem that the stinger was poisonous at all.

Considering stingray-related injuries often occur at the ankles and lower legs, I can’t help but wonder: Who the fuck did this guy piss off to get stabbed in the penis OF ALL PLACES?

Watch the full vid here:

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