Paulo Avelino says ‘Yes’ to being your Angkas driver

Gelo Lasin

With a trial run looming over the horizon, it’s only natural for people to be pumped about Angkas’ (legal) comeback. After all, the ride-sharing app is seen by many as the solution to the shitty Manila traffic.

However, we would argue that the prospect of having Paulo Avelino as a potential Angkas rider is a good reason to be excited as well.

The ‘Goyo’ actor initially posted a snap of him riding a motorcycle, (FYI ladies, he’s a huge fan of these) which prompted one user to jest that he should apply as a rider of Angkas.


Paulo apparently saw nothing wrong with the idea and (kinda) gave his approval. Netizens, naturally, went nuts at the prospect, so much so that even Angkas went ahead and greenlit an ad for the dude.


Update: Paulo looks to be excited, ladies


How about you? Are you up to hitch a ride with Paulo Avelino?

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