‘Parasite’ series reportedly eyeing Mark Ruffalo as lead – but why?


So many questions

Even after ‘Parasite’s legendary 4-Oscar win, director Bong Joon ho is still expanding the PCU (Parasite Cinematic Universe) through an upcoming HBO¬†limited series.

Per Collider, the series is apparently planning to cast The Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo as one of the leads.

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Not much is known about the project, save for it running for 5 to 6 episodes and Bong Joon ho teaming up with fellow Oscar-winning screenwriter Adam McKay.

Despite the hype, it still begs the question: Does Parasite really need a series?


Given the film’s Cinderella ending with its multiple historical wins, this new series has the possibility to shift the lore – as an American take could either be a necessary or irrelevant curtain call on the film.

Let’s not forget that US remakes haven’t exactly gotten the best rep for audiences – ehem, ‘Ghost in the Shell‘, ‘Death Note‘, and ‘Oldboy‘.

On the other hand, with Bong Joon ho’s name still attached, it’d be interesting to see more of what he has to say on class divide and social struggle – this time on the small screen.

Plus with the director being a steady advocate of independent foreign filmmaking, it’s unlikely he’ll let just anyone derail his vision.

Guess we’ll have to see for ourselves

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