This Japanese cafe employs paralyzed people as waiters

Gelo Lasin

Even with its downsides, it’s hard to deny the role that technology’s rapid evolution has had in both improving our lives and making the impossible happen.

Startup Orly Labs have found a way to merge the two – and it’s nothing short of incredible.

The Japanese company launched a cafe called ‘Dawn Ver Beta’ for two weeks in Tokyo, Japan, which saw an entire staff composed of 10 robot servers.

The best part? The droids were controlled by severely disabled people in an effort to help the handicapped individuals achieve a greater sense of purpose and independence in their lives.

The 4-foot robots (called OriHime-D) where operated from the homes of the 10 employees, who were all suffering from severe spinal cord injuries, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

The robots, which were controlled via eye movements of the patients, could perform basic functions, such as move, pick objects, and even converse with customers.

Orly Lab CEO Kentaro Yoshifuji says that he ultimately wants to ‘create a world in which people who can’t move their bodies can work too.’

Unfortunately, the cafe was still in its beta stage, meaning it was only open for a couple of weeks. The creators are still trying to secure funding for the project, which they aim to launch by the year 2020.


Images from Bored Panda