Panic! At The Disco’s stripped-down cover of Dua Lipa’s IDGAF is all we need today

We The Pvblic

Panic! At The Disco was on BBC’s Live Lounge last week to promote their latest single Say Amen by performing a stripped-down version of it.

The rock group also had the brilliant idea of covering Dua Lipa’s IDGAF and frontman Brendon Urie absolutely killed it… in the original key! His light and clear tones and soaring falsetto on the chorus and bridge of the song will definitely blow your wig.

Even Dua herself was pleased!

Watch the video here:

Noticed the band’s badass new bassist? She’s Nicole Row. Aside from playing bass, she also provides superb backup vocals to Brendon.

Just when we thought it’s an absolute treat, it gets better. YouTube user mia. posted a split audio of Dua and Brendon performing the same song and… it turns out to be one of those things we didn’t know we needed. It’s so damn good!

Again, put your headphones on and hear it for yourself: