Panelo slams #JunkTerrorBill critics, calls terrorism probs ‘infinitesimal’ (aka extremely small)


If you’re one of the many voices that are opposing the pending Anti-Terrorism Bill, then consider yourself ‘cerebrally challenged’ – that is, according to Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

Panelo busted out your Tito’s thesaurus in a statement that slammed critics he deemed ‘oblivious’ to the issues of terrorism. He says that the opposition’s claims are misinformed and is used to spread irrational fear.

Panelo, <b> Panelo slams #JunkTerrorBill critics, calls terrorism probs &#8216;infinitesimal&#8217; (aka extremely small) </b>

‘The critique against the anti-terrorism bill is not only biased, lacking in intellectual insight and oblivious of the monstrosity and the grave infinitesimal consequences that terrorism has brought to the world’.

According to Merriam-Webster, ‘infinitesimal’ is defined as ‘immeasurably or incalculably small’ or ‘a value that is close to zero’.

Panelo also echoed the defenders of the bill, citing the provision that exempts ‘civil and political rights, like rally or demonstration’, from being classified as a terrorist act – a safeguard against its potential to be abused.

But critics say this is not enough, especially in an administration that had been recently slammed by the United Nations for its history of human rights abuses. Coupled with the govt’s poor track record against criticism and flip-flopping stances on the rule of law, concerns with the bill’s immense power will continue to be an issue.


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