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As the election season nears, it’s clear that certain political alliances aren’t going to hold up. Take for example the recent Pacquiao-Duterte feud, which reached fever-pitch with its latest installment.

It can be remembered that the spat first made headlines after Pacquiao called Duterte’s policy on the West Philippine Sea ‘soft’. The latter clapped back and said that the senator has a ‘shallow’ knowledge on the issue.

In his latest weekly televised briefing, Duterte once again took a shot at Pacquiao, who apparently claimed that the current administration is more corrupt than its predecessors.

Pacquiao, <b> The Pacquiao-Duterte feud is now being called &#8216;DDS: Civil War&#8217; </b>

‘I am challenging him, ituro mo ang opisina na corrupt. At ako na ang bahala within one week, may gawin ako’, said Duterte, who also asked for specific names and agencies from Pacquiao.

Duterte also called out Pacquiao for his supposed politicking, adding that the senator has had nothing but praise for the current administration up until recently. Pacquiao, a Drug War defender who also serves as the acting president of Duterte’s own political party, is long-rumored to run for the presidency in 2022.

If Pacquiao fails to back up his accusations with specific names, Duterte says that he will actively campaign against the former.

‘Do it, because if not, I will just tell the people “Do not vote Pacquiao because he is a liar”‘, threatened Duterte.

‘I am not questioning your ability, intellectually or what. Pero pag hindi mo nagawa yan, araw-arawin kita. I will expose you as a liar.’

Pacquiao, <b> The Pacquiao-Duterte feud is now being called &#8216;DDS: Civil War&#8217; </b>

More than a reflection of the country’s turncoat style of politics, the Pacquiao-Duterte feud has been a source of amusement among critics of the current administration. Many have compared the falling out as a local version of Marvel’s ‘Civil War’which also features a conflict between two prominent allies-turned-adversaries.