In the latest episode of his podcast, Nuseir Yassin (aka Nas Daily) asked Senator Manny Pacquiao his reason for entering the world of politics. The boxing legend started by airing his disdain at the entire system, saying that it reeks of (mostly) corrupt politicians. He clarifies that he is only in it to help the people.

‘Nobody really wants to help people in need…I’m disappointed, I regret that I entered politics’, said Manny, much to Nas’ – and our – surprise.

After all, this is the same dude who recently became president of Duterte’s political party, PDP-Laban. The appointment is seen as a move to perfectly position Manny as a legit presidential candidate in 2022. The senator has denied any plans to run, but his long-time boxing promoter Bob Arum let it slip that he does.

I have no vested interest in politics. Many times… I want to quit’, said Manny, while also sharing how he empathizes with people living in poverty, much like he once did.

Pacquiao, <b> Manny Pacquiao says he &#8216;regrets entering politics&#8217; which doesn&#8217;t make sense </b>
Senator Manny Pacquiao –

But while we wholly understand Manny’s innate desire to be charitable (as we previously wrote, Pacquiao the Philanthropist doesn’t deserve your slander), it still doesn’t answer the question: ‘Why is he in politics, then?’

In 30 mins of Nas’ podcast, Manny offers no substantial justification. He finds the idea of a long-term political career as unappealing – but his actions say otherwise. He wants to ‘help’, but he has always done so since the beginning of his 25-year boxing career.

What changed then to convince Manny to become a lawmaker – maybe even a president – if helping others is solely his priority? Much like his foe’s chances of winning in the ring, the reason still elude us.