Own This Year My Fellow Millennial!


An Atypical Forecast


2016, Own This Year My Fellow Millennial!


From politics to beauty pageants, from the current “shallow” preoccupation and demand for intelligent discourse, so-called experts will thrive like gremlins thrown into the ocean. Bashers and trolls aka bastards online will continue to have plenty of time on their hands to our chagrin.

The no-longer-elusive 15 minutes of fame is a major life goal for the next viral sensation.

 2016, Own This Year My Fellow Millennial!


The electorate will not learn their lesson, not in the next six years. Unless voters grow up or suddenly develop a (social) conscience, the political and social landscape will remain the same.

Politicians who insult and alienate their way to the highest office is amusingly refreshing until you imagine putting yourself at the receiving end of their insults (or abuses), it’s clearly not as fun really.

 The genuinely but rare breed of good civil servants who actually have are best interest at heart will not win, sucky six years but serves us right.

 2016, Own This Year My Fellow Millennial!


If you’re impervious and not repulsed by yourself in any way, by all means, wear whatever gets you through the day and cheers to individuality!

 2016, Own This Year My Fellow Millennial!


A thin line will separate the mediocre to the superlatively gifted, only a few will know the difference.

Most local movies and TV shows will remain formulaic and predictably safe as snooty armchair critics critique from the comforts of their Western-laden sets of standards.

 For 2016, a self-inventory is strongly suggested. If your (proverbial) heart is in the right place, expect a kinder and eventful 12 months. Stop whining when you consciously choose not to put your money where your mouth is. CHANGE. WORK HARD. GROW UP.


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