Yaba-daba-doo! Remember those carefree afternoons when our only problem was to catch our favorite cartoon on time? One of our childhood faves, The Flinstones, is getting an animated sequel. The new adult-comedy sequel titled Bedrock is being developed under Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. 

Bedrock will revisit the Flinstone family two decades following the events of the original show. It will present how the Stone Age transitions to an enlightened new Bronze Age. The adult comedy will show Fred on the brink of retirement and Pebbles, already in her 20s, beginning her career. 

The Flinstones, <b>Our childhood fave &#8216;The Flinstones&#8217; is getting a sequel called &#8216;Bedrock&#8217;</b>

Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games, Charlie’s Angels) is the executive producer of the sequel and also the voice behind Pebbles Flinstone. The actress was reported to have been working on the series since 2019.

FOX’s president of entertainment Michael Thorn called The Flinstones’ influence on animation as ‘undeniable’, adding that he sees the challenge of adapting the series for today’s audience as a challenge his team looks forward to.