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The Louise Mabulo x Nas Daily feud has reached ‘persona non grata’ levels


Going with the extra mile?

While the Nas Daily x Whang-Od storyline has yet to receive a resolution, one of its side archs is branching out on its own. Louise Mabulo met up with representatives from the Commission on Human Rights – Bicol Region to discuss ‘the recent issues surrounding the exploitation against me and the farmers here perpetuated by some vlogger’.

It can be remembered that Nas, real name Nuseir Yassin, previously called Mabulo’s Cacao Project a ‘fake story’. Launched in San Fernando, Camarines Sur, the initiative aimed to help farmers recover from the destruction caused by Typhoon Nock-Ten (Typhoon Nina in the Philippines) in 2016.

In a video, Yassin accuses Mabulo of setting up the venture as a non-profit for recognition, insisting that it’s actually a ‘for-profit that exploits farmers’. In a separate post, the vlogger says that there are no ‘200 farmers’, as opposed to what the media claims.

These accusations were in response to Mabulo’s claim that Yassin insulted the farmers during his visit to the plantation, mocking their accents and repeatedly calling the townspeople ‘poor’. Mabulo adds that Yassin was also frustrated with the lack of ‘clickable content’.

‘He didn’t care about making change or shedding light on real issues— he only wanted content, a good, easy story to tell that would get him more Filipino views’.

Mabulo, <b> The Louise Mabulo x Nas Daily feud has reached &#8216;persona non grata&#8217; levels </b>
Facebook – Louise Mabulo

Now, the ‘he said/she said’ debacle has reached another level, as Mabulo is seeking the CHR’s assistance to have the Department of Foreign Affairs declare Yassin as a ‘persona non grata’, per Rappler.

‘The attacks against me are on social media, but my platform is real life— undeniable’, Mabulo wrote on her post.
‘Rest assured that actions are being taken to safeguard our people, and prevent further incidents like this. Sa Manlulupig di ka pasisiil. God bless you all!’
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