Nah, fam. Ortigas is the legit halfway point of Metro Manila

Gelo Lasin

ICYMI, the debate of North vs South has come alive again, thanks to a revelation of one of our writers, Kat Mayuga.

In a viral tweet, Kat reveals that the true midway point of Metro Manila is actually Glorietta, as opposed to the long-standing belief that it’s Cubao.


As expected, this became a hot topic of discussion for Northern and Southern commuters, who often have to compromise on a reasonable halfway point whenever they want to meet up.

However, netizen Arvin Boller countered Kat’s proposal and instead, revealed that Ortigas is the true midpoint of Manila, not Glorietta.

Let's talk about Maps again!This is a response on this post circulating Facebook…

Posted by Arvin Boller on Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Arvin argued that using Trinoma – Alabang Town Center as markers is incorrect, as Trinoma does not fully represent the ‘true’ North since many Northerners still live in Novaliches.

He opted to choose SM Fairview instead and calculated the halfway point of its distance to Alabang Town Center, and presto, the result is Ortigas!

Taking the Skyway into account, Arvin concludes that the ideal meeting point for commuters is the Galleria/Megamall/Edsa Shang area.


As an added bonus, Arvin reveals that Ortigas is also the best midway point for those in the West (SM MOA) and the East (Antipolo Cathedral).


Case closed

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