‘Orphan’ is getting a prequel 11 years after its release


Esther’s back

11 years after the release of the cult-class horror film ‘Orphan‘, it seems we’re about to dive back into the world of Esther with an upcoming prequel.

Per Deadline, the new film will focus on Esther’s humble beginnings after she escapes from the Russian facility mentioned in the first film.

The movie goes on to follow her murderous origins as she starts posing as the missing daughter of a wealthy American family. Sounds familiar.


There’s no word yet if original actress Isabelle Fuhrman is still on board to play the leading role. Meanwhile, ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ director’s William Brent Bell is set to direct the upcoming movie which will start filming in the third quarter of 2020.

ICYDK, 2009’s ‘Orphan‘ centers around a family who adopts a quiet 9-year old named Esther. Things are normal at first, but as more eerie things start to happen around the little girl, the more suspicious the family becomes about Esther’s true origin.


With the number of subpar horror movies and sequels since ‘Orphan’s release way back in 2009, we’re curious to see if Esther’s eerie effect has stood the test of time.

Yet as ‘Halloween‘ (2018) and ‘Doctor Sleep‘ (2019) have proven, there’s still hope for long-overdue follow-ups in the genre.

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