There are three constant things in life: death, taxes, and politicians taking credit for doing their job.

Let me backtrack. Last Friday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque hosted the arrival of one of the 6 tunnel boring machines that’ll be used to complete the Metro Manila Subway Project. Roque touted the campaign as a ‘renaissance of infrastructure’, and along with beating COVID-19 and several social legislations, credited it as a milestone the Duterte administration will be remembered for.

Look, I’m all for celebrating victories in the midst of countless controversies. But a gloating Roque just had to spoil the moment, telling Duterte critics to ‘drop dead’. ‘Manigas kayong lahat’.

Drop-dead for what? For getting pvblic service from pvblic officials?

Roque, <b> Why do politicians act like we owe them for doing their jobs? </b>

Credit grabbing politicians are a pet peeve of mine. It’s akin to a restaurant doing a victory lap whenever they serve a burger that doesn’t manage to poison a diner. And much like the customer, the people are the ones paying for the ‘burger’ (See: taxpayer’s money). God forbid they have the right to complain when the food tastes off and rotten.

Here’s a challenge for you guys: when you come in for work today, go up to your boss and ask them to name a company building after you. Or have them buy a billboard on EDSA, plaster your smiling mug on it, and write ‘I did my job’ in barely discernible text.

See how freaking ridiculous that sounds? Pvblic officials are elected to serve the pvblic. It’s literally their job description. If that mentality applied to the rest, health care workers and teachers should probably have a parade every other week. But they don’t, because they know what they signed up for.

So yeah, congratulations politicians for showing up. I’m sure I have a participation trophy lying around somewhere.

Roque, <b> Why do politicians act like we owe them for doing their jobs? </b>