Mon Tulfo performs 10/10 mental gymnastics in justifying smuggled vaccines


ICYMI, Special Envoy To China Mon Tulfo has been under fire for his admittance to using smuggled Sinopharm vaccines, for which he remains completely unapologetic. By completely, we mean he absolutely gives zero sh*ts.

Tulfo first made the reveal in a column under the Manila Times, where he admitted to being inoculated – along with several unnamed government officials – last October. The move was for business reasons – Tulfo has apparently applied to be one of the distributors of the Sinopharm vaccine in the country.

Tulfo, <b> Mon Tulfo performs 10/10 mental gymnastics in justifying smuggled vaccines </b>

Following the expected sh*tstorm born out of the confession, Tulfo has since granted interviews, most notably on ANC’s Dateline. In it, the 74-year-old performs what we could only begrudgingly admit as one of the most impressive displays of mental gymnastics to date.

He sees nothing wrong with being a journalist/endorser/procurer of the vaccine

In his column, Tulfo wholeheartedly endorses the Sinopharm vaccine, referencing glowing reviews from international publications, as well as Duterte’s personal preference for it.

However, later on, he reveals that he’s actually applying to be a distributor of the vaccine. So what was supposed to be a journalistic piece comes off as a dealer lowkey endorsing his product to the pvblic.

So does Tulfo see anything unethical about it? Not really. He claims he did the transaction as a private citizen. This moves us to our next mental stunt.

He can separate his public official persona from his life as a private citizen

Tulfo denies that his application for the Chinese-made vaccine was in any way aided by his position as a Special Envoy To China. He also adds that being a Special Envoy is an honorific title, and that he doesn’t receive any compensation from the government.

‘But would Sinopharm have talked to you or entertained your queries as a distributor had you not been a Special Envoy of the Philippines to China?’, asked ANC.

Tulfo clarifies he’s only talked to another local distributor that is connected with Sinopharm. But the question remains: Would Tulfo had been ‘given the light of day’ if he wasn’t the Special Envoy.

‘Yes’, Tulfo replies.

Hear that, randoms on the street? Getting a distribution license for vaccines is as easy as picking them off of the street.

Tulfo, <b> Mon Tulfo performs 10/10 mental gymnastics in justifying smuggled vaccines </b>

If everyone’s doing a specific deed, then it’s justified

What is it with Duterte supporters and their collective reasoning when it comes to accountability? It always goes like ‘Hey, if bad deeds have been done before, then the current ones are excused’.

Tulfo seemingly did the same when asked why he shouldn’t be held accountable for taking smuggled vaccines aka breaking the law. He rationalized that he wasn’t the only gov’t official who took the shots in October.

‘But ambassador, it’s not really the amount of people who got vaccinated ahead of the population, it’s the very fact that it happened’, asked the reporter. 

‘I actually risked my life to know the efficacy of the vaccine’, justified Tulfo.

‘But it was smuggled, ambassador’.


‘And you don’t see anything wrong with that?’.

‘No, because I was doing it as a private citizen, not as a gov’t official’.

Tulfo, <b> Mon Tulfo performs 10/10 mental gymnastics in justifying smuggled vaccines </b>

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