OOTDs We Loved At The GoodVybes Fest

1Naomi Paguio

The Passion Pit fan’s OOTD is on point, because the high waist shorts + Statement Muscle tee is a great combo. #LivinTheDream alright!

2Krysten Mariann Boado and Audrey Reyes

These two has been excited ever since they announced the line-up of Goodvybes. They definitely prepared for it, as they came in their best fash items.

The light clothing that they are wearing is perfect for a days worth of music. And who knew, a polaroid cam can work as a pseudo accessory. #PicturePerfect

3Chrissa Taleon

Earth tones? Hell yeah. She was able to vamp up the simple one piece she’s wearing by partnering it with a fringe sling bag. We’re digging her outfit.

4Hannah & Nikki Lazatin

These girls are rocking it! They are each wearing outfits that we will definitely wear on a music festival. We love the off shoulder top, the skirt, the shoes and the attitude! #WorkIt

5Lovi Poe

According to Lovi, she’s excited to see Oh Wonder, and girl, we are excited about your OOTD. The big orange scarf and the hat definitely made her outfit stand out. #LOVIngIt

6Kyate Sijera, Corbis JV and Shayne Urbano

These group of students surely came to the festival with their fashion sense on. Their outfits scream “Music Fest Please”. They are def, deemed worthy to be in the crowd.

7Bea Marin

Blogger Bea Marin, has her monochrome game on point with this black outfit. But, we are personally loving the scarf she’s rocking, it’s so little yet so vital to the whole ensemble. So if you are interested about her look, go visit her blog at beamarin.com. Trust me, this “Zombie in Stilettos” will go places.

8Renee De Guzman

Another lady in black. Oh yeah, you can never go wrong with this color. It’s always classy and screams attitude! Her outfit is totally “music fest”, and oh, the belt, adds statement. Also, a little birdy told us that she’s a blogger too. Go check her page at www.reneeedg.com, you’ll definitely see more of her awesome style there.

9Stan Castillo & Trish Noble

The thing with music festivals is that you will expect to get some sun– and a perfect way to protect yourself from the harmful UV is to cover up. But, you have to stay fab while you are at it, and these two definitely did, the frames of their sun glasses are totally neat and great to protect you from sunlight. Plus the hats, hell yeah, we’re definitely okay to stay under the sun as long as we’re wearing those.

10Johnres Baja

His OOTD is perfect for a whole day event. The plain long line shirt is perfect when you get warm and the denim jacket is great when you get chilly. Also, the tone of his outfit compliments each other, it’s not loud to look at, and yet it’s bold in its own.

11Carlos Lacsado

This guy was able to bring the plain long sleeve wing tip shirt game to a whole new level. A little bit unbuttoned to reveal some skin, rolled on the sleeves, matched with a tote and sandals– you got yourself a great music festival outfit. The magic behind this outfit is that, It doesn’t look so put together. So that’s why in our book, it works.

Of course we weren’t able to see every single OOTD in the event. So if you think your GoodVybes outfit is worthy to be on this list, then go and send us your OOTD and we will gladly include it!

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