Playing ‘Mobile Legends’ during office hours is actually punishable by law

Gelo Lasin

Per Scout and Inquirer, The Civil Service Commission (CSC) reminded government officials and employees that playing online games during office hours is actually illegal.

Under a CSC Resolution, first-time violators could be suspended for 6 months and 1 day up to a year.

A second offense will merit dismissal from service.

CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada said that the act may be seen as detrimental ‘to the Best Interest of the service, among others.’

Lizada also clarifies that the ruling isn’t exclusive to a certain gaming platform, whether it be from a ‘government or personal tablet or computer or mobile phone.’

The announcement comes after Biliran Mayor Gerard Espina went viral for a memo which declares that he will terminate employees caught playing mobile games.

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Posted by CNN Philippines on Monday, 4 March 2019


However, the rulings above do not apply for employees of privately-owned companies, so your Mobile Legends-addicted ass is (probably) safe… for now.

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