Online Business 101: How to start and succeed like Style Genie

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Back in the day when you wanted to start up your own business, you had to have capital; you had to plot the place and your merchandise. You had to do all sorts of things in order to accomplish and succeed in your business.

Technology has helped us unfurl further into the world of social media and it is a great place to start a business. You don’t even have to pay a single cent (at least, at first), you just have to sign up and create an account.

Yes, we’re talking about how you can succeed in your very own online business and you can take it from our #PvblicSpeaker, Abbie Victorino, the founder of Style Genie PH.

We asked Ms. Victorino how she succeeded in the realm of social media and how she made a name for herself as the stylish genie who grants every closet wish:

How did you come up with Style Genie?

— As a professional fashion buyer for almost 5 years now, it has been my passion to keep sourcing quality yet affordable fashion pieces for shoppers.

I want to be able to share these benefits with more women. Hence starting a subscription business to solve many girls’ fashion dilemma “What am I gonna wear?” 

How does Style Genie work?

— Basically, we connect women to professional stylists for FREE. Our online subscription service is fulfilled through curated boxes of new clothes picked by our stylists according to their Style Profile and budget then delivered to their doorsteps. This removes the hassle of going through the heavy Manila traffic and spending too much time inside fitting rooms.

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How hard is it to start an online business?

— It’s not hard to start an online business, there are many apps and software available for the non-techy entrepreneurs (or those who do not have any coding skills) for as low as P899 a month! What’s hard is promoting it and keeping back-end operations running smoothly when all the orders come in.

But all these can be planned and taken care of if you are passionate and committed to making your business grow.

Did you use social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to promote your business?

— Yes. Facebook was really helpful especially in our first few months from launch. Although there are more ways to promote your business without spending too much on paid ads/boosted posts like Affiliate Marketing or Loyalty Rewards system.

What problems did you encounter during the span of your business?

— Half a year since launch and I say it’s not all glam. There are a lot of unexpected challenges like a partner going out of town, operational costs that we did not foresee, moving offices twice, and more. All of these are lessons as we endure our growing pains. StyleGenie being a new concept also welcomes a unique set of challenges that’s not for the faint-hearted.

What pushed you to carry on and continue your online business?

— I have the support of my co-founders, my A-team, family, and friends. I surround myself with positive energy all the time.

When the going gets tough, seek Him for help and wait for wonders.

Is Style Genie catering to both local and international customers?

— Currently, we are only catering to women within the Philippines.

How can someone become successful in the realm of social media?

— Social media offers a wide array of channels that you can explore and make work for you. Continue to read on the latest technology updates and social trends to keep up with the fast-paced needs of your millennial customers. There’s always something new to learn on the internet, you just have to focus on the good stuff and not get distracted by the noise in it.

What advice can you give the public who want to start their own online business?

— Know your product, criticize it, AND believe in it!

Keep in mind that your launch doesn’t have to be perfect.

Instead, develop it as you receive insights from your first 100 customers.

Lastly, market it either by word of mouth (your partners, friends, relatives, employees, and ambassadors) or heavily on social media.

However you want it, what matters is that you speak about it to the Pvblic.

There you have it! Learn more from our #PvblicSpeaker at #PvblicSpeaks this March 29, 6 pm at the Zuellig Building in Makati! See you there!

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