‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 gets April release date

Gelo Lasin

‘One Punch Man’ stans, rejoice!

Our beloved, overpowered superhero is coming back for his second season as confirmed by Viz Media.


The long-awaited follow-up to the hit anime series will first exclusively drop in Japan on April 2 followed by an April 9 premiere on streaming site, Hulu.

Judging from the promo poster, Season 2 will see an updated look for Saitama, the return of Blizzard and Silver Fang, the debut of new characters like Garou, Suiryu, and a bigger spotlight on heroes such as King and Tank Top Master.

Season 2 will also reportedly kick off the ‘Human Monster Saga’ of the original manga. Series villain Suiryu is set to be introduced.


Viz Media has also licensed an English dub for the new season, with a synopsis which reads:

‘Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun.

After three years of “special training,” he’s become so strong that he’s practically invincible. In fact, he’s too strong—even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch.

Now, the great seer Madame Shibabawa’s prediction about the Earth being doomed seems to be coming true as the frequency of monster incidents escalates.

Alongside Genos, his faithful disciple, Saitama begins his official hero duties as a member of the Hero Association, while Garou, a man utterly fascinated by monsters, makes his appearance.’