Per Anime News Network, the longest-running shonen manga series of all time is coming to an end sooner than fans think.

Reaching an outstanding 22 year-run since 1997, ‘One Piece’s writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda said last September that he plans to end the series in 5 years after ‘just over 100 volumes‘. He’s reportedly even planned the ending since his college days.

In a video celebrating the release of ‘One Piece Stampede‘, popular Japanese YouTubers Fischer’s asked Oda at 07:05‘About how long will One Piece keep going?’ to which he replied ‘I want to end it in five years.’

One Piece’ editor Takuma Naitō also confirmed the manga’s demise, stating this month that ‘If Oda says it will be five years, then it will surely end in five years.’

It goes without saying that the most climactic way the manga can end is if someone finally finds the elusive One Piece treasure, but fans are saying that the series’ lore is just too deep to be solved in just 5 years.

Whatever Oda has up his sleeve, here’s to hoping it gives justice to the best-selling manga series of all time – especially considering how frickin’ long it’s been.

one piece, <b> &#8216;One Piece&#8217; reportedly ending in 2024 after 27-year run </b>

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