Yes, One Piece really is ending in ‘4 or 5 years’


In case you didn’t believe us the first time, One Piece really is ending in the near future. Per SoraNews24, creator Eiichiro Oda revealed on Japanese variety program Arashi Tsubo that the iconic manga is set to conclude in ‘four or five years’.

For those not in the know, the news is a pretty big deal, as One Piece has been around since 1997. With over 900 chapters, it’s one of the longest-running mangas in history.

Oda adds that he also already knows the ending, but declined to elaborate further, only that ‘it’s going to be amazing’. Tbh, it better be, as ‘amazing’ is the only ending that the 23-year-old series – and it’s absurdly dedicated fanbase – deserves.

Oda first revealed his timetable to YouTuber Fischer in 2019 during his promotion for One Piece: Stampede. Series editor Takuma Naitō also confirmed the news at the time, saying ”If Oda says it will be five years, then it will surely end in five years.’

Watch the reveal below (skip to 07:05)