On One Direction’s 12th anniv, Directioners are still living off crumbs


Directioners are living again.

The internet goes crazy as a never before seen X-Factor footage of how One Direction was formed surfaces online.

Fremantle Media released unaired clips from the X-Factor U.K to celebrate the 12th year anniversary of the legendary boyband. Nicole Scherzinger unknowingly started the phenom when she pitched the idea of creating an “imaginary boy group” from contestants that would’ve otherwise been eliminated.

Nicole chose Niall Horan first, then Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, who just recently performed in Manila, describing them as “the cutest boy band ever.”

Simon Cowell then chose Liam Payne, who recently claimed that Simon “created the group around him” to keep a promise, as the fourth member.

Last but definitely not least, Zayn Malik was added to cap off the group. Simon thought that adding him would be a good idea, to which Nicole agreed by saying, “look at that look!”

And just like that, three judges, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, and Nicole Scherzinger, seemingly out of pure vibes, just created One Direction.

But it is not over yet for the Directioners because a class about Harry Styles will be offered for the first time ever!

Now we’ll never go out of Style(s)!

A class about Harry has just been recently confirmed. 

Louie Dean Valencia, an assistant professor at Texas State University Honor’s College, took to Twitter to share the good news. 

Valencia will head the class called Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture.

Due to the buzz for the course, he posted a Tiktok to explain what the class would be about. It will discuss how Harry’s career affects modern celebrity and fan culture, gender, and sexuality.


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While there were concerns about the class becoming too invasive of Harry, Valencia ensured through a tweet that the class would not talk about Harry’s private life.

Instead, the class will tackle topics about Harry’s growth as an artist, from his beginnings with One Direction to his latest released and budding filmography.

Among the topics interested students are to expect are Harry’s activism and the literature and philosophy that inspires him.

Valencia also shared the inspiration behind the course.  “I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with students over the last two years that started with a shared love of Harry’s music but  that quickly went into larger societal questions about gender, sexuality, race, gun control, sustainability because of Harry’s art.”

As a fan since the beginning, Valencia shares that Harry can be likened to names such as The Beatles, Billie Holiday, and Shakespeare that can help students understand their work better. The class will be offered this Spring 2023.

Happy 12-year anniversary indeed, Directioners!

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