DAMN SHE OFFICIAL: Off-White features Mimiyuuuh as brand model


It seems Mimiyuuuh’s pitch of ‘Baka Naman’ has paid off.

Luxury fashion brand Off-White has tagged the social media star as one of its models. The American label introduced Mimi to its 9 million Instagram followers yesterday in a ‘yellow ribbed top and dress’. The shot was taken from the latter’s recent photoshoot with Yannah Lopez, Bacs Arcebal and Koji Arboleda for Preview Magazine.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, Off-White founder Virgil Abloh himself gave the 23-year-old the nod on his IG stories.

Mimi, who just jokingly pitched herself as an Off-White endorser in a store raid video last September, shared the news with the more-than-appropriate tweet of ‘‘DAMN!!! SHE OFFICIAL!’.


Watch Mimi’s Off-White ‘pitch’ below:


Banner credit: Off-White Instagram