Of laying bare and emptying the closet

We The Pvblic

All men are not created equal, and half of the time, you could trip into a spiral of losing your identity before finally admitting it to yourself, and to a number of persons around you.

For those who have reached the point of acknowledging and accepting you as a member of a dynamic population – say the LGBTQ community, and then the next step is for you to let your colors out of the closet. But before telling your family and friends of your identity, you will most likely go through these situations.

Your friends notice your silence when the topic of being a LGBT or Q comes in.Of Laying - 1

You feel a twinge in your heart when your squad talks about members of the community they feel so much for whatever reason.Of Laying - 2

Paranoia that they are second guessing your sexual orientation,Of Laying - 3

And when they ask you, you just answer with a smile that lasts for a second, and think if you should make the big reveal, or deny. But if you make the choice for the big reveal…Of Laying - 4

You would be watching their eyes – closely and silently – and wait for their reaction.Of Laying - 5