Barack Obama reveals ‘3 Questions You Should Ask Before Marrying Someone’ and it’s LEGIT perfect

Gelo Lasin

Those of us in our 20’s are probably currently in a long-term relationship

And while the concept of getting married might still be a few years away, I’m pretty sure you’ve looked at your beau and wondered ‘Is he/she the one?’

Who better to answer such a big question than the one-half of the best power couple in the planet – Barack Obama

Former Senior Advisor to the president Dan Pfeiffer wrote a book detailing every life changing words of wisdom he got from the ex-POTUS – and one of the advices was about love.



Obama summed up to Pfeiffer on how to know if someone’s ‘The One’ in three simple questions:

This is coming from someone who’s been married for 26 years, and still looks at his wife as if he just met her yesterday.

Who isn’t afraid to show some PDA *kilig*

Who still dances with her as if they’re the only two people in the room

People are lovin the advice





Here’s hoping we all get our own ‘Obama’ ending

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