‘Now You See Me’ is officially getting a third movie


Wonder what’s up their sleeve

Film production company Lionsgate has announced that the magic-laden ‘Now You See Me’ franchise is officially getting a third installment.

Not much is known about the premise of the new film, but ‘American Hustle‘ writer Eric Warren Singer is set to helm the project for a ‘new take‘ on the magical heist genre – because TBH, even magic can get repetitive the third time around.

ICYDK, ‘Now You See Me’  centers around a group of criminal magicians called ‘The Horsemen‘ constantly on the run from the FBI – or are they? 

The films star Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan (previously Isla Fisher), Dave Franco, and Morgan Freeman.

now you see me 3, <b> &#8216;Now You See Me&#8217; is officially getting a third movie </b>

Meanwhile, the first two ‘Now You See Me‘ films brought in a total of $687M in the worldwide box office.

There’s no official cast list and release date for ‘Now You See Me 3′, but there’s speculation that the original Horsemen will make a comeback and delve into a whole new world for themselves.

In the meantime, let’s remember this epic card trick scene

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