Non-relationship relationships

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Ironically, it is just not obvious that unofficial relationships have its own labels. Relationship statuses do not only revolve at the usual “Single”, “In a relationship”, “Married” and “Widow.” The “It’s complicated” status would more be like:

1That girl/guy at the bar

You met at the bar and chances are, you’ll never see each other again.

2The one who is already committed

You are aware that both are already tied but you still want to hook up. Playing with fire is okay but be ready to get burned.

3The one who would date you if he is not committed

The time is just not right for your love story to be written. Boo you!

4The trophy affair

Goal? Dating someone to make their exes jealous.

5The one you enjoy talking to

Other people see the chemistry between the two of you but you don’t seem to realize it.

6You have a mutual understanding

Either one or both of you have no plans of having a commitment because of being scared of responsibilities. Might as well play the love game and see what happens next.

7The hookup buddies

Everything’s casual between the two of you and there are no strings attached. You only do it for the lust that there is nothing awkward about that. Here’s the best part, the game time in the bedroom. You already have it in your mind.

8The unrequited feelings

He/she does not feel the same way and will never return your love for him/her. What’s new? Here’s the tissue, flip your hair and move on.

9The online sweethearts

You share the same sense of humor, build deep connection but you haven’t met in real life.

10You like each other but no one would seem to admit it

You are playing hide and seek. Come on, you are too old for that.

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