Noah Centineo is sporting a new look and fans aren’t sure what to feel


We might know him best as Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’ ‘To All the Boys and I Loved Before’but resident Internet cutie Noah Centineo has left behind his signature clean-cut look and dyed his 5’o clock shadow blond. And people aren’t happy about it.

Twitter user @balenciagabevin shared a selfie with Noah after bumping into him and, safe to say, the Internet had a lot to say.





It might be poor taste OR to stray away from his typical boy-next-door look, as Noah is rumored to star as He-Man in the upcoming fantasy film Masters Of The Universe. He’s also shared other updates on his new look on Instagram (that also garnered backlash, BTW).



It might just be a bad angle – or a bad beard day – for Noah, but we probably need more info to get a better look at the guy and see what we’re dealing with here.