ICYMI, OPM artist Nina took to Facebook last Monday to recreate her iconic 2005 album ‘Nina Live!’. The 3-hour session sent every 90’s and 2000’s kid on a nostalgia trip, as the Diamond Soul Siren covered the classics such as Piano in the Dark and Fall For You.

The stream went on to notch 1.6 million views and even spawned its own hilarious ‘Ano apelyido ni Nina?’ thread on Twitter. Nina didn’t miss a step, as if it hasn’t been nearly two decades since the album’s release. All that was missing are a bucket of cold beer, some nachos, and the server asking for last-minute orders as the night winds down.

Nina Live was a staple in my life growing up. While more mature folk would associate it with bars and gigs, my 12-year-old self would do the chores to the tune of Burn, thanks to my mom. I would literally be sweeping the floor while Nina croons ‘I want you to buuurn, burn for me babyyy’, which would be apt especially when it’s the middle of the summer.

It was either that or Sitti Navarro’s Cafe Bossa on repeat 24/7, going ‘Hindi kita pipilitiiin’. This experience, which remained constant well until I turned 18, was half-annoying, half-amusing, but definitely wholly memorable.

So thank you, Nina. Thank you for reminding us of how awesome and simpler the old days were. And for giving us an escape, even just for a while. God knows we needed it.

Nina, Shoutout to ‘Nina Live’, the iconic bop of our childhoods