‘You keep yours, I’ll keep mine’

88rising’s NIKI just dropped the third single for her debut album ‘moonchild‘ coming this September – and we’re in a puddle of tears right now.

The slow feelsy ballad titled ‘Lose‘ tackles exactly what the name suggests, as the Indonesian singer croons about giving up on a relationship that doesn’t benefit anyone anymore.

niki lose, <b> NIKI&#8217;s latest single &#8216;Lose&#8217; tackles letting go for the better </b>

Jumping from the first verse, NIKI introduces a complicated setup where she’s barely hanging on to the person and their on-again-off-again relationship.

‘I will never know if you love me or my company, but I don’t mind // ‘Cause I ain’t tryna be the one, Been through this a thousand times’

She then goes on to sing about being unhappy, to the point of neglecting herself just to make the other person stay.

‘Yeah you don’t gotta lose your mind, every time I don’t call // and I should never have to win your love, then hate myself when I don’t’

‘I don’t need a reason To keep on dreamin’ // That I can win this stupid thing called love’

NIKI herself classifies ‘Lose‘ as an ‘intimate ballad’ chronicling the messy relationship between a moonchild and the Moon.

‘We did it in one take, just me and the piano in a room. Here we see Moonchild speaking to her guardian, The Moon, in a vulnerable moment of betrayal.’ 

ICYMI, NIKI’s forthcoming album ‘moonchild‘ is a ten-track sonic allegory with themes on the crescent moon (innocence, curiosity), half-moon/eclipse (loss of hope, disillusionment), and full moon (self-discovery, strength). It’s set to drop this September 10.

Lose‘ comes after her previous singles ‘Switchblade‘ and ‘Selene‘.

Check out ‘Lose