We’re already obsessed

88rising queen NIKI (real name Nicole Zefanya) has officially dropped the first single and music video off her debut albumMoonchild‘.

The dreamy song titled ‘Switchblade‘ showcases a NIKI we’ve never seen before. Rocking bleach-blonde hair in the effervescently glitchy music video, the artist croons about discovering herself in an unfamiliar land.

‘What is this place?
The skies are vast and no one’s a familiar face
But I’m not afraid’

NIKI goes on to sing about depending on her ‘switchblade faith‘ amidst the new challenges. Per the queen herself, Switchblade ‘represents an iron-clad attitude and outlook’ that has since helped the artist overcome anything.

‘And I’m feeling brave
The winds of change have nothing on this switchblade faith’

If you want more NIKI, stans are in for a treat as the single only serves as ‘Phase ONE‘ of the star’s ongoing Moonchild Saga.

The upcoming ten-track album is set to be divided into three lunar phases: Crescent moon (innocence, curiosity, embarking), Half-moon (disillusionment), and Full moon (self-discovery, strength).

We’ll be star-gazing till then

niki switchblade, <b> NIKI drops first single and MV from debut album &#8216;Moonchild&#8217; </b>