FUNNY: The Nico Bolzico guide on dealing with women during ‘Red Season’

Gelo Lasin

Nico Bolzico recently took to social media to dish some pretty legit tips on how to handle a prob that guys know all too well: dealing with your SOs while they’re on their period.

The #BulliedHusbandsClub member treated his ‘Red Season’ guide as some sort of PSA which he claims will help husbands ‘avoid being murdered’ during a season when their #Wifezillas tend to ovary-react.

#Wifezilla: *during period*#ElBolzico: *breathe*#Wifezilla: ☝(see picture)Today, at the #BulliedHusdbandsClub…

โพสต์โดย Nico Bolzico เมื่อ วันอังคารที่ 4 ธันวาคม 2018


Understand that this is not a joke.

‘They feel bloated and in pain, there is NO way, us, men, can handle that every month, so show some respect.’

Do NOT allow her to be hungry,

‘A woman in her period and hungry can be a deadly combination, she can easily turn into a T-Rex and we all watched Jurassic Park.

We advise to check levels of hungriness every 30 to 45 mins, this can vary depending on the breed of your #Wifezilla.’

Make sure you take care of ALL the house tasks,

And not just the usual ones that you do like: taking the garbage, doing the dishes or making the bed;

During this period be ready to do the laundry, iron and feed the cat (yes, feed the freaking cat)

Be a man and buy tampons or those special towels that absorb the blood!

Make sure there is enough inventory for at least 2 decades. Running out of those can lead to an apocalypse, just watch Terminator 2 and you will understand.

But even if the entire post is humorous, we commend Nico for tackling a topic that is usually taboo in the eyes of men.

He reminds us that it pays for guys to understand the struggles of women during their periods, concluding that men should be ‘extra sensitive these days’ and that ‘her period is also his period’.

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