If you type the word ‘myth’ on Google, the results would likely be those of Greek origin. They are the most popular version of the genre – with good reason. The story of Zeus and his dysfunctional family is basically a f*cked up telenevola, filled with intrigue, betrayal, and illegitimate kids.

We would argue, however, that it’s high time that other underrated mythologies got their due, such as our own. You only need to look at Budjette Tan’s award-winning graphic novel TRESE for proof that Filipino folklore can make for some kickass stories.

Fortunately for us, Netflix has made good on their promise last year when they recently dropped an update on their TRESE anime series. In the teasers, we see our lead brooding over the Manila landscape in one and brandishing a bloody knife in the other.

According to a release, the show is set in Manila, where creatures from PH folklore hide in the shadows. We’ll get to see Alexandra Trese come into conflict with a criminal underworld filled with malevolent supernatural beings.

Now, the verdict is still out if the series will be actually any good. But with it being backed by OG creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, here’s hoping it’s given justice – and that our local folklore gets the love it deserves.

TRESE, <b> With TRESE, PH folklore could finally get the love it deserves </b>