Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweethearts

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These are the LGBTQ+ Couples that we’re totally shipping!

Just as your favorite characters come in all shapes, sizes, and sexual identities, so do their relationships. This month of Pride, join Netflix to celebrate love in all forms with the LGBTQ+ couples we can’t help but ship together.

From emotional love stories that make you cry with joy, to the ones that overcome all the odds, these onscreen sweethearts prove that love is love with every episode.

Netflix, Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweetheartsNomi and Amanita from Sense8 — series finale premieres June 8

There’s always a lot going on in Sense8, but Nomi and Amanita’s relationship is a steady constant throughout this sci-fi series. Nomi is a political hacktivist and trans woman, while Amanita is her loyal (and cis) girlfriend who sticks with her through thick and thin.

Netflix, Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweethearts

Alex and Elliot from Alex Strangelove — premieres June 8

Love is complicated, especially in high school! Like any great romance, Alex and Elliot’s adorable will-they-won’t-they tension will make you swoon.

Netflix, Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweetheartsPiper and Alex from Orange Is The New Black — now streaming; new season premieres July 27

They may be complete opposites — Piper is a sheltered daddy’s girl while Alex is tough and street-smart — but this OITNB couple’s rollercoaster romance always has us hooked.

Yorkie and Kelly from Black Mirror  — now streaming

There’s just so much to love about Black Mirror’s Emmy-winning episode “San Junipero,” from the nostalgic ‘80s tunes to the shocking plot twist. But what really won our hearts is Yorkie and Kelly’s romance that transcends reality itself. BRB, crying all over again.

Netflix, Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweetheartsSol and Robert from Grace and Frankie  — now streaming

Like any great love story, Sol and Robert’s begins with a friendship that spans 20 years! They both come to terms with their sexualities much later in life, as they try to navigate their new-found relationship and figure out the nuances of being gay at an old age.

Netflix, Netflix & Swoon with these on-screen LGBTQ+ sweetheartsCaptain Holt and Kevin from Brooklyn Nine-Nine  — now streaming

Who says LGBTQ+ relationships always have sad endings? Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t only feature the openly gay Captain Raymond Holt; it also shows his long-term interracial marriage with all its totally cute and domestic ups-and-downs.

Which of these couples do you ship? Catch your favorite LGBTQ+ love stories on Netflix.