Drag queens are saving the world from shade in Netflix’s ‘Super Drags’

Gelo Lasin

If only the Avengers were this fabulous

Netflix is taking on a whole new gorg concept as it debuted a hilarious (and very NSFW) trailer for its new series ‘Super Drags.’

The show sees super-powered drag queens the Brain, The Brawn, and the Heart save the queer world from a supervillain who’ll stop at nothing to ‘suck every last bit of highlight from those queers.’

The Brazilian-animated series – which has been dubbed for English audiences – sees Drag RaceĀ alumni Shangela, William, Trixie Mattel, and Ginger Minj lending their voices for the roles.

The trailer promises an absurdly raunchy show which features ‘the friendship, the romance, the lip sync’ and last but not least, ‘the fa-u-lous-ness.’

Super Drags debuts on Netflix on Nov 8.

Watch the trailer below: