If you’re the type to continue using your ex’s Netflix password long after the break up (seriously, what the hell?), then your streaming days might soon be over.

Per GammaWire, the streaming service is testing a new security feature for users who are leech-erm, ‘borrowing’ someone else’s account. Said users will encounter a prompt asking for a verification code, which will be sent via email or text to the original account holder.

So if you’re benefiting from members of your family, then it’s probably no biggie. But if it’s from your past fling, then good luck. There IS a ‘Verify Later’ option, but this will only grant users a grace period for an unspecified amount of time, before being asked for the code again.

Netflix confirmed the discovery to several outlets, saying that it’s ‘designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so’. The feature, part of hundreds of tests conducted by Netflix every year, has only been encountered by select users and countries.

The company has never been strict with password sharing, even as 33% of its account holders reportedly do so. However, a rise in other streaming services, as well as piracy, is seen as a possible motivation for the brand to change its mind.

Netflix, <b> Sorry leeches: Netflix is testing a stricter password sharing feature  </b>