Netflix, Hulu show interest in getting ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

FOX just pulled the plug on the body-cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine but fans, do not despair because the cancellation may be shortlived.

A lot of competing networks such as Netflix, Hulu, TBS, and NBC have shown their interest in getting the show a new home, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hulu previously revived The Mindy Project, a FOX show, while Netflix got Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that had a preexisting relationship with Universal.

NBC said it’s looking for a new scripted comedy that’ll complement two other shows from 99 Creator Michael Schur and TBS was at FOX when the show premiered back in 2012.

THR adds that Universal is pretty interested as well in producing more episodes of 99.

So whoever gets the show, we hope they get it back on the right track which is UP.
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