‘Diablo’ anime is coming to Netflix


Old school gamers, rejoice! An anime adaptation of the beloved title ‘Diablo’ is heading to Netflix. The news was spotted by eagle-eyed fans on the Linkedin profile of Activision Blizzard Studios’ co-president, Nick Van Dyk.

Among his listed duties at the company is a line that says he’s the executive producer of an upcoming ‘anime-style’ TV adaptation of Diablo, which is currently in pre-production and will be distributed by Netflix.

Pop culture site Den of the Geek brought up rumors of a Diablo animated series back in 2018. While Netflix has yet to make an official announcement, news from Blizzard’s top honcho, which owns the rights to the title, seems to be enough of a confirmation. The streaming platform is also fresh from giving Castlevania, another classic, the anime treatment.

Diablo was first released back in 1997 and went on to become one of the most well-known video game titles of all-time, spawning four main sequels and novels. The story takes place in a world called Sanctuary and chronicles the conflict between humans and demons.