A Netflix ‘Bato’ series could happen soon


First, it was Filipino comics ‘Trese’. Now, another local material is getting a Netflix adaptation and it’s… Bato Dela Rosa?


As per Rappler, Robin Padilla is pushing for an 8-episode Netflix series which will cover the life of the former PNP chief, citing the need for ‘people to know what’s really happening in the Philippines.’

The actor, who wants the show to be a continuation of his upcoming biopic ‘Bato’, reportedly prefers the streaming service over the local networks.

This is because he believes the ‘truth prevails’ on Netflix, referencing the show ‘Narcos’ and its depiction of the drug war in Colombia.


But while the prospect of the show is…interesting, Padilla revealed that the planned ‘Bato series is far from a done deal, but maintains that it’s still under negotiation.’

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