Netflix Bandersnatch sequel features Bear Grylls (and possibly, pee drinking)

Gelo Lasin

After last year’s highly-successful Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix is cranking out another interactive movie.

This time, viewers will take control of survival host, Bear Grylls.

Titled ‘You vs Wild‘, the show will basically let users decide on Grylls’ fate as he attempts to navigate and survive through extreme conditions and climates. The famed adventurer previously rose to fame for a similarly-themed show called ‘Man vs Wild’ on the Discovery Channel.

With 8 episodes stretched across various scenarios such as deserts, mountains, and forests, Netflix’s latest in its current line of interactive, ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ flicks is certainly its most ambitious to date.

However, let’s all be real. If ‘drink your own pee’ isn’t an option here, then this show is an automatic letdown.

You can try the demo here:

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