Did nazi see that coming

In today’s edition of Monday bloopers, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) was in hot water for, how do we put this delicately, featuring a Nazi-like salute. Yeah, we couldn’t put it delicately.

The suggestive photos were uploaded on NCCA’s FB page, as we see officers making a familiar righthand motion pointing forward – apparently indicating a gesture of greeting into their museums. Aw, heil no.

, <b> The NCCA apparently did nazi what this salute means </b>

The commission has since apologized for the snafu, as they’ll have to come up with a new welcome gesture that doesn’t pertain to Neo-Nazi ideals.

‘We would like to clear that the photos earlier released on the Padayon: The NCCA Hour gesture is a forward hand motion followed by a wave and accompanied by Padayon’s tag line ‘Sulong Na’ as seen in most of our video teasers‘ they shared via Twitter.

‘We are in no way encouraging or harboring Neo-Nazi beliefs / practices in the Commission.’

‘Following the comments on our earlier post, which we have already taken down, we will rethink of another hand gesture that better show our intent of moving forward.’

Though we’re sure that the gesture isn’t meant in bad faith (and the NCCA doesn’t have any hidden Nazis anywhere), it’s still a pretty embarrassing misstep for the country’s literal commission on culture.

Out of all the possible gestures in the world, it’s still a mystery how the infamous forward-facing hand got green-lighted enough for it to be posted on their Facebook page. It’s a classic Debold-level blooper.

, <b> The NCCA apparently did nazi what this salute means </b>