As typhoon Ulysses continues to ravage and leave the Filipino people in shambles, a familiar hashtag is being called once again: #NasaanAngPangulo.

The unfortunate trend started back with typhoon Rolly earlier this month, as the lack of preparation and resources have made people ask why PDDR essentially ghosted us. He was waiting for the typhoon to slide amidst the holidays, apparently. *Insert ‘Kim, people are dying’ meme.*

Well, it seems we got the answer earlier, as he’s in Malago Clubhouse virtually joining fellow Southeast Asian leaders during a video call for the 37th ASEAN Summit in the thick of the storm surge.


It was later confirmed by Presidential Spox Harry Roque. And, hey, don’t get us wrong: there’s nothing wrong about having prior affairs that could aid the country in SEA, but when your countrymen are in need of evacuation, homes are being flooded, and dams are overflowing, at the very least a message of hope would be nice.

God forbid we listen to Asec. Office of Civil Defense Casiano Monilla who victim-blames the affected Filipinos.

Meanwhile, check out #RescuePH and #UlyssesPH for updates on the storm.

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