Nadine Lustre: ‘Look for the P275 billion, not me’


Following the NBI’s summon of Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto, there was no shortage of celebrities airing out their frustrations. From Angel Locsin to Angelica Panganiban, plenty of notable figures called out the futility of the NBI’s move during the current crisis.

But in the midst of the initial outrage, some names were absent – a fact that wasn’t lost to some people on social. Included is Nadine Lustre, who was called out for her supposed lack of a political stance, despite being affectionately called ‘President‘ by her fans.

Nadine, <b> Nadine Lustre: &#8216;Look for the P275 billion, not me&#8217; </b>

‘Nadine’ soon trended on Twitter, with many stans coming to her defense, who dispute that she has done her part in the crisis. Now, the actress herself has aired her sentiments on the issue, saying that COVID-19 exposed the true colors of the government.

‘The people need help, compassion (minus Koko) and transparency, not threats and lies’.

And as a clap back, she added ‘Yung P275 billion hanapin niyo, wag ako. Makapaghalaman na nga’, which, if we’re being honest, is the most sensible answer to all of the criticism. In a crisis that has been decorated by a lack of government action and transparency, a celebrity’s political stance should be the least of our concerns.


Banner credit: ABS-CBN